Amitriptyline for headaches

A common mistake with headaches. Amitriptyline for headaches

Many people mistakenly believe that antidepressants are not pain relievers for tension headaches. Experts noted that this is one of the most common of its types, which occurs in eight cases out of ten. One of the most frequent complaints of patients is a complaint of headache. This type is a type of osteochondrosis, when the tissues surrounding the head hurt, the doctor explained.

Experts recommend using first-generation antidepressants, in particular amitriptyline, in case of “persistent headache”, when the patient takes a large amount of painkillers. This will help to switch pain receptors and “remove” the patient from painkillers.

Antidepressants are effectively used to treat headaches, but many do not take them, believing that such drugs should be used for depression.

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Taking the pill alone for a headache can sometimes be dangerous. If the pain occurs for the first time, you should see a doctor. The doctor will measure the pressure, assess the neurological status, select an effective treatment, or send it for additional diagnostics.

Chronic headache is poorly amenable to treatment. Most patients begin taking large amounts of pain medication before seeing a physician, and so the associated condition is often headache due to withdrawal of analgesics. The use of muscle relaxant medications and stronger analgesics is not always successful, but can lead to gastrointestinal complications. The most effective drug is amitriptyline at a dose of 10–25 mg 1–3 times a day. If it is ineffective, a course of psychotherapy is advisable.