Is amitriptyline addictive?

Is there an addiction to amitriptyline? Whether or not amitriptyline is addictive was the subject of scientific debate during the first decades of its use. If we compare its effects with those of narcotics, amitriptyline lacks the classic sign of dependence – the euphoria of taking the drug. However, the accumulation effect is clearly observed. … Continue Reading


Amitriptyline as an Insomnia Treatment

Off-Label Use for an Anti-depressant Amitriptyline is a medication. As with other kinds of anti-depressants, it is also used as an off-label remedy for sleeplessness. Off-label medications aren’t FDA approved for uses, but because of potency drugs like amitriptyline gain uses in medication. Apart from its use as sleeping aids, amitriptyline is used as a … Continue Reading